2014 Show Times:

Friday, March 7th 4:30-5:30 Trainer's Challenge
Saturday, March 8th 1:45-2:30 Trainer's Challenge
6:15-7:00 Grand Finale
Sunday, March 9th 10:45-11:30 3 Year Old Futurity
2:30 Ranch Rodeo


Thank you for your interest in our 3 year old futurity. The futurity will once again be held at Michigan State University as part of the Michigan Horse Council’s International Stallion Exhibition & Trade Show. The day and time for the futurity is yet to be determined but will take place the weekend of March 7, 8, and 9th during the expo.

The pay out for the futurity will be as follows. Your $200 entry fees plus the entry fees of the other participants will be combined with the $1,000 added by Michigan Featherlite. Payback will depend on the number of entries.

3 Year Old Futurity Trainer Interest Form

Following is a list of rules and the pattern for the event.

  • Eligible horses must have been purchased at Cross Winds Ranch, LLC previous year’s sale.

  • All horses must have current registration papers showing correct ownership at the time of entry. Entry deadline is January 1, 2013.

  • Cross Winds Ranch, LLC is not responsible for loss, injury, or other liability associated with this event.

  • No martingales, tie downs, or mechanical hackmores may be used.

  • No abuse or excessive force is allowed

  • Entries will drawn for order to perform and must show that way.

    Reining Pattern (30 pts.)

  • Lope horse in a left hand circle in the left lead. Horses should move freely and show it is under control. (5 pts.)

  • Stop your horse. The stop should give the appearance of stopping because he is trained to stop not because he is forced to stop. (5 pts.)

  • Reverse directions. (5 pts.)

  • Lope a right hand circle in the right lead. (5 pts.)

  • Stop your horse. (5 pts.)

  • Settle your horse for 5 seconds. (5 pts.)

    Dry Work  (50 pts.)

  • Pick up all four feet (10 pts.)

  • Open and go through gate (10 pts.)

  • Load horse in the trailer, then back the horse out. Mount horse on the left side. (10 pts.)

  • Rider must drag log at least 10 feet, turn log, and drag it back to place of origin. (10 pts.)

  • Back your horse atleast 15 feet. (10 pts.)

          Cow Work  (10 pts.)
This can be a freestyle with prior approval

This will consist of boxing and holding a cow at the end of the arena.  Through out the cow work, it must be remembered that the name of the game is controlling the cow.  When a contestant is holding a cow at the end of the arena, maximum credit will be given to the horse that is obviously watching the cow and making counter moves to hold the cow at the end of the arena, with help of the rider.  The more a horse is doing on his own the more credit he should receive.  Horses will be penalized for losing control.  Judges must take into consideration what kind of cow the contestant draws in order to accurately judge the degree of difficulty in each credit earning situation.

Perfect Score is 90 pts---$1,000 ADDED MONEY

**All horses will be judged by a panel of 3 to 5 undisclosed persons.

3 Year Old Futurity Trainer Interest Form

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